Family Law Attorneys For Children-Related Issues

Legal issues concerning children are among some of the most difficult for parents and children to experience. Aside from all the emotionally-charged turmoil families may experience, prospective and current parents are likely to face strict scrutiny from childcare professionals and courts. When the future of a child is at stake, it is imperative for everyone involved to enlist the help of a family lawyer, experienced in child-related issues. Contact us today to request a case consultation.

What Can A Family Law Attorney Help Me With?

family lawyer can help caretakers, prospective and current parents start or dispute multiple different legal proceedings involving children. Family law attorney, Jennifer Kipke, specializes in all matters concerning children’s issues. Contact us to learn more about all the legal services we provide.


Introducing a new member into your family is a big decision — one that must be approached with the utmost care. An adoption lawyer can guide soon-to-be parents through every step of the complicated adoption process, in accordance with the latest state and federal regulations. In the event of a complication, such as a biological parent challenging the adoption, an adoption attorney can also help clients build a strong case and represent them in family court.

Child Custody, Time-Sharing & Child Support

Child custody, or the amount of time-sharing each parent has, is a regular part of most divorce cases. While a marriage may be broken, parents must always keep in mind what is best for their children. In addition to which party has a higher income, the amount of time a parent has with the child directly impacts the amount of child support a parent is responsible for paying. Our family law lawyer can help clients fight for their right to retain or regain time with their children post-marriage and can help to build a stronger case in your favor.

Child Relocation

Parents who wish to move with a child who is under shared custody may find their freedom to relocate restricted by a court. Similarly, absent an agreement between the parties, a parent may object to the relocation of their child on the basis that such a move would affect their custody and visitation rights. Our child relocation attorney can represent clients in court and during negotiations in the event of a child relocation dispute.

Emergency Motions

Certain children’s issues require immediate legal action. In the event a child is the subject of imminent abuse, neglect, or abandonment affecting their health, safety, or welfare, parties are allowed to seek emergency relief. This type of legal proceeding is used by the Florida courts to promptly respond to a child-related matter. Unsure what issues qualify to be treated as an emergency? We can help you determine if your situation qualifies and represent you in court.