Attorneys In Gainesville & Ocala, FL

Armed with world-class legal education and experience, our lawyers at Hesser & Kipke have represented numerous clients and businesses throughout the state of Florida in some of the most demanded practice areas in civil law, including the following. Contact us today to request a case consultation!

Family Law & Divorce

At Hesser & Kipke, we understand that certain life-changing events can weigh heavily on our clients’ emotions, making legal proceedings more challenging to handle. Having a trusted legal professional by your side can ensure you and your loved ones are properly represented through hard times. Our family law and divorce attorneys can represent clients in all matters related to divorce proceedings and children’s issues.

Workers’ Compensation

Denied workers’ compensation? — Fight for the compensation you deserve backed by experienced legal representation. Our workers’ comp attorney can help injured workers dispute any denied and inadequate settlement offers. He can assist clients in gathering relevant evidence, filing an appeal, drafting all the required legal paperwork, and taking their workers’ compensation claims to trial if necessary.

Bankruptcy Law

Borrowers struggling with high debt and interest rates don't have to go at it alone. There are ample legal avenues for debt relief, including filing for bankruptcy. Not sure if bankruptcy is right for you? Our bankruptcy attorney can help you determine whether filing for bankruptcy is in your best interest, as well as what type of bankruptcy is best for your situation. Whether it's Chapter 7, 11, or 13 bankruptcy, our lawyer can help you turn over a new leaf and regain control of your finances.